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discovering royth

Royth is an engineering firm that specializes in the development of architectural envelopes and complex structures.

We are an emerging team of senior engineers who are highly skilled in the design of unique glass and metal structures. Our wide experience in the manufacturing and installation of bespoke architectural envelopes allows us to explore feasibility and develop the best structural concept.


We provide support through all stages of your project’s development.

royth is your expert partner to successfully complete your most demanding and challenging projects.

what we do

In a nutshell, we design and develop unique glass and metal structures. Our team’s expertise lies in the creation of custom façades, architectural envelopes and other bespoke projects, particularly projects that involve steel, aluminium and glass as the core materials.

No matter how complex your project is, we can handle it.

As a team of structural design specialists, we have significant experience in managing bespoke projects through all design stages, from concept to installation. 

For many years we’ve been working close to fabrication and in direct contact with the materials and processes as our projects were being constructed. This experience taught us critical knowledge that simply can’t be learned from a computer or drawings. 

Through our structural simulation capacities, our firm is equipped to thoroughly model and ensure the resistance, stability and serviceability of even the most innovative and complex designs.

We’re here to bring your modern architectural dreams to life—if you can imagine it, we will make it a reality.

Not every engineering firm is comfortable designing with glass, we are. Whether you need flat or curved glass panels, single or insulated, glass design is no problem for us. That’s because we understand the unique benefits and challenges that come with using glass as a cladding and as a structural element. We use advanced calculation methodologies to evaluate the risk of failure as a result of either imposed loads or thermal stresses. 

In addition to engineering services, we develop prototype designs and oversee the fabrication of visual and performance prototypes. Prototype testing is typically carried out in authorized laboratories to ensure their designs don’t just work, but comply with national or international standards and Building Regulations.

the team

We are Adrià Bassaganyes, Carles Teixidor and Jordi Torres. We are three engineers highly specialized in the design of architectural envelopes and bespoke structures.

We began working together at one of the world’s most renowned design and fabrication firms for bespoke façades.

We worked on exciting and challenging projects, building the expertise we employ at Royth today.

After five years working together, our careers took us in separate directions, bringing new challenges for each of us. Now, we’re back together again, each partner bringing his unique skill set and perspective to the design table.